With FXworld24 you can trade indices, which has become increasingly popular in recent years; more traders are exploring avenues to trade indices. Similar to stocks and Forex, it is possible both to trade and invest in indices.

An index is a measurement of the value of a particular market or market sector. The value of an index is usually described in terms of a number of points. Each index is calculated in a different way, but its value generally represents a weighted average of the current values of its component stocks. The value of an index from one day to the next reflects the changes in values of the individual stocks that it is made up of.

For example, the S&P 500 index is comprised of 500 widely traded companies in the US and represents roughly 70% of the total financial value of the US stock markets. And the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) represents about 25% of the market. There are such popular indices as S&P/ASX 200 (Australia), FTSE100 (London), CAC 40 (France), AEX index (Amsterdam), DAX (Germany), IBEX 35 and more.

To trade on indices, you can go long on a particular index if you believe that stocks in the market are likely to increase in the future, or go short if you think that the index is likely to drop in price.

FXworld24 offers a wide range of indices for trading at advantageous conditions, including low spreads and fast executions. Our platform MetaTrader 4 will make the process comfortable and reliable, and the 24 hours support service will help you out if you face any technical issues.

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