Demo Account

To get trading experience in financial markets, FXworld24 offers you to open a demo or a training account. It is totally identical to a real one, and you can trade in real-time mode. But you can use only virtual money, thus you can’t lose any of your funds in the case of a mistake.

For a beginner trader, a demo account is a great option to get knowledge and experience in financial markets. And for those who are more experienced, the demo account will be in handy to try and practice their new strategies and ideas before implementing them with real assets. In both cases, the training account gives a lot of opportunities for personal growth.

The advantages of using a training account are the following:

  • You can learn and understand trading mechanisms on practice;
  • Get acquainted with MetaTrader 4 terminal and learn how to use it;
  • Learn how to make deals in real time and gain confidence in it;
  • Learn how to trade various types of assets in different market situations;
  • Learn how to analyze the markets, and so on.

It is easy to open a demo account, you just need to press the button below and fill in the form.

Open a demo account